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US is warming us up for an attack against Iran

February 20, 2007

According to BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner the US has revealed that it now considers two possible scenarios as reasonable excuses for an expedited bombing campaign against Iran. The first would be any confirmed report of the development of a nuclear weapon. Second, “a high-casualty attack on US forces in neighbouring Iraq could also trigger a bombing campaign if it were traced directly back to Tehran.” (BBC) The US has further indicated that the bombing plan has gone well beyond Iranian nuclear sites and now extends to a large portion of Iran’s military infrastructure as well.

This position is extremely worrying if one considers the possibility of a covertly US-sponsored or US-provoked attack on its own troops in Iraq to come at a convenient time in the near future. Were such an attack to occur it would spell disaster for Iran, and is clearly not in her best interests. It would therefore be extremely suspicious if the US suffered such an attack in the near future and subsequently claimed proof that Tehran coordinated it. The US State Department has developed a habit of making claims in the heat of the moment and providing proof – or not – at a later date in order to expedite their agenda. The justification for war in Iraq was an elaborate illustration of this process. This time however, it is not likely that the American people or any other nation will buy it, unless of course the tragedy is on an large enough scale.


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