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Complaining to the BBC (or at least attempting to)

February 23, 2007

Following up on a letter of complaint that I wrote to the BBC regarding the Conspiracy Files series (see below) I have made several attempts at leaving the following comment on the BBC news website, so far without success:

“I have already written to Guy Smith et al at the BBC to complain about the Conspiracy Files. I am not going to waste time debating the melting point of steel. My complaint is that you have drawn a line in the sand dividing those who question the status quo and those who do not. Before the show even aired you had by default labeled those who question the status quo as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and further painted this group as paranoid, biased and irrational people. Many of the people you are categorizing in this way are respected authors, journalists, historians and engineers offering legitimate observations. When did these people become conspiracy theorists? By making this sweeping generalization you are (wittingly or unwittingly) selling the public on the idea that the official version of events should not be questioned. You are in effect saying that we should all quietly accept that our government and our media are doing their jobs responsibly and that no dissent is necessary nor any action required. I wholeheartedly disagree. This kind of thinking slows down the progress of all mankind. Furthermore the relentless use of the term ‘conspiracy theorists’ is not a fair and balanced use of language, it is divisive.

I for one can no longer trust the BBC’s editorial commentary, although I still greatly respect the work done by its journalists around the world.”

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