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Letter to Glenda Jackson about UK draft Climate Change Bill

March 13, 2007

Dear Glenda Jackson,

I would like to preface this by saying first that I am proud to have you as my MP. Thank you in particular for standing up against the Iraq war when few had the courage.

The purpose of this message is to highlight the impending energy crisis and to offer some useful suggestions. I don’t know to what extent you are able to lobby this issue so I apologize if it is not within your realm.

The draft Climate Change Bill recently unveiled by Environment Secretary David Miliband is a start but it fails to legislate how meeting the carbon emission reduction targets will be enforced and how much of the burden of reduction will fall upon the shoulders of the public versus industry. One of my main concerns here is that few seem to highlight the need to regulate energy wastage across all industries, particularly in offices where there are so many simple, cost-effective measures that can be implemented easily that would save enormous amounts of energy and money. How many empty office buildings do you see in London every night with all the lights, computers, printers, etc. left running pointlessly? Installing motion sensors for lighting, energy saving light bulbs and switching off computer equipment should all be a given at this stage. Corporations are not likely to hold themselves accountable for this wastage nor will they initiate the process of reduction themselves without legislation and enforcement, so it is essential that this is flagged now while these bills are being written.

I urge you to take these matters into consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Seth Mowshowitz

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