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Ed Miliband: please cap energy industry profits or face potentially steep increases in UK winter deaths

January 2, 2009

Russia has flexed her muscles by shutting off gas supplies to the Ukraine over a payment dispute. The Ukraine allegedly hasn’t paid off its gas import debts and the contract between the two nations expired on new year’s day. This will very likely mean a supply shortage and price hikes here in the UK. Given the current economic climate many poor and elderly people are already struggling more than usual. Any significant increase in gas prices would mean that many more are forced to choose between eating and heating in the dead of winter. Every year there are a large number of deaths during the winter months. Last year the number increased 7% even though it was a relatively mild winter. According to Age Concern the number of deaths this year is likely to increase even more than last year as it has been projected to be a colder winter (More elderly ‘could die of cold’, BBC news).

The UK is notorious for its terrible insulation standards in buildings. This is a long term problem that has needed addressing for some time and cannot be solved in a few years let alone a few months. The only feasible way to mitigate loss of life due to energy shortages within a short timeframe is to narrow the discrepancy between profits generated by selling gas and the actual cost of providing gas to the public in order to make gas more affordable. The energy companies will maintain profitability at all costs unless otherwise directed by law enforcement, therefore laws that cap energy profits must be passed and enforced immediately or people will die. This responsibility falls on Ed Miliband and his Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The choice will be made by the UK government and the result will demonstrate exactly what kind of government is in power.

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  1. May 20, 2009 6:29 pm

    Solid information,, Will come back again.

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