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Letter to Gordon Brown concerning the 3rd runway at Heathrow

January 21, 2009

As a beneficial owner of land on the third runway site administered by the Airplot campaign I stand fervently in opposition to the building plans.

Quite apart from the socially irresponsible environmental implications, the idea that this runway will boost the UK economy in the short or long term is preposterous. First of all, despite the current downward trend in oil prices, the cost and scarcity of energy will only be increasing. Many people understand this now and the government can no longer avoid talking about it. What happens when, in a matter of years, aviation fuel costs put more and more airlines out of business and significantly raise the cost of air travel? This runway will not only become superfluous, it will become a colossal embarrassment to those who approved its construction. It smacks of short term gain to those involved in its development.

That said I must also point out that the approval of these plans demonstrates a sincere lack of commitment to environmental concerns. These are global concerns – they literally effect every man, woman and child on the planet (including yourselves). Relegating environmental concerns to secondary or tertiary considerations above economic growth and profit is totally unacceptable to me and to a growing number of the population. Pawning off the emissions problem by ‘off-setting’ emissions with electric cars is not adequate by any stretch either. There need to be fewer emissions in both aviation and road transport, not more in one and less in the other.

If these plans go ahead now there is not a shred of a chance left that I will vote labour in the next election.


Seth Mowshowitz

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