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Letter to Sarah Teather MP: 4 February, 2009

February 4, 2009

Dear Sarah Teather,

Thank you for your response re: The conflict in Gaza and the actions described therein, you have more than demonstrated your commitment to those in need.

You may be aware of the ongoing Guardian series entitled The tax gap concerning corporate tax evasion in the UK to the tune of up to £12 billion per year. If not, I draw your attention to it now and urge you to sign EDM 665.  I have known about this for some time (the BBC published an article entitled ‘Call for corporate tax clampdown‘ on October 21, 2008) and I am shocked that these facts have not drawn more attention until now. The fact of the matter is that corporation tax exists because corporations benefit from the infrastructure of countries in which they operate – from the roads used by the trucks that distribute their products to the biosphere that absorbs the pollutants generated by their factories. Corporations benefit far more than the salaried taxpayer as they use the same infrastructure to generate enormous profits. The corporation tax that is in place now, were it actually paid out in full, is less than adequate at returning the true cost accrued by the use of our collective infrastructure (according to EF Schumacher and others). If HM Revenue & Customs won’t even collect that tax then what chance did the financial system ever give us as a society?

One of EF Schumacher’s suggestions was that 50% of any company sized above roughly 350 employees should be owned by the public. This is the kind of legislation we need to be considering if we are to salvage a truly equitable society from the wreckage of the current financial system. If you haven’t read EF Schumacher’s book Small Is Beautiful, I humbly request that you take the time to do so.

Thank you again for your time and all of the responses to my letters so far. I remain proud to have you as my MP.


Seth Mowshowitz

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