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Dear Barclays Bank: Fuck You

March 19, 2009

Dear Barclays Bank,

Your behavior this week has not been good. Two people from within your own ranks have finally come forward with the proof of your anti-social tax avoidance schemes. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Instead of owning up to it, even though the information has already been leaked, you issued a gag order forcing the Guardian to remove the first lot of proof from their website. You have been exposed for what you are and now you attempt to backpeddle,  deny and obstruct. How is that supposed to help public relations?

For those of you reading this blog that are not familiar with the situation I refer you to:

As one of the other articles on the Guardian website within this series of events has indicated, it seems that neither the Guardian nor the government have the financial resources to match those of Barclays’ legal team in order to fight them on this or any other issue, without passing and enforcing radical new legislation. Barclays are applying for massive amounts of bailout money from us, the taxpayers, in order to protect them from potential losses while happily perpetrating tax avoidance for massive profits. They intend to steal from us on two simultaneous fronts. This is beyond unacceptable. If you bank with Barclays I urge you to hit them where it counts: switch to another bank. It is both the most powerful form of protest and, moreoever, direct and positive action. Smile (an online bank) make it easy to do all this – they’ll help you switch over all of your standing orders, direct debits etc. Having been through it myself once it was a lot easier than I thought it would be:

If you switch to an ethical bank your impact is doubled because you are not only withdrawing funds from a sociopathic institution but you are also investing in those who are doing good things for the world.

For more ethical internet banking options please refer to the following:

You will notice that there is some controversy surrounding the ethical rating of Smile on ethiscore. This is explained on the Ethical Consumer website:

Smile (08708 432265) is the only internet bank with a credible ethical policy stating where it will lend your money. The bank receives a poor rating on the table because of the activities of the Co-operative’s supermarket group, its parent company.

source: Ethical Consumer

We must all make an effort if we are to effect change on a relevant scale. This is something you can do with relative ease that can have a major and immediate impact on the world.

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  1. March 19, 2009 11:10 pm

    Triodos ( are even better but I think they only offer ISAs currently. I have had a smile account for a while and very impressed.

    Although I must admit to still keeping a natwest account but it has no money in it. Do you think it costs them money to keep it open.

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