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An email to the International Energy Agency demanding transparency

November 10, 2009

I’ve just sent this message to the following email addresses. I urge anybody reading this to do similar.;;;;;;

(or you can decide on your own list of IEA contacts)

To Whom It May Concern:

I refer you to a recent report on the Guardian UK website:

If these facts are shown to be true then the IEA is an accomplice in the most irresponsible act of withholding information ever recorded in human history. In terms of food production alone, given that roughly 10 calories of hydrocarbon energy go into every calorie of food produced and that the vast majority of that hydrocarbon energy comes from oil, being caught unprepared for a decrease in oil production would be catastrophic to the human race resulting in the annual starvation and eventual deaths of hundreds of millions of people. That is but one severe consequence among many severe consequences.

As Martin Luther King Jr once said ‘a time comes when silence is betrayal.’ If the figures you have been providing are indeed distorted I urge you to consider the outcomes stated above and understand that you yourselves will also have to live in the world that you have helped create. Do not bow to pressure from the US at the great expense of us all.

You can start by halting and revising the new World Energy Outlook publication.

I have posted this message on my blog just to make sure that it is public.

Yours sincerely,
Seth Mowshowitz

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