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Charles Tannock MEP’s response to my letter highlighting the urgency of preparing for the impact of oil shortages

November 18, 2009

Having corresponded largely with my MP Sarah Teather of Brent East for the last year and with Glenda Jackson before that it seems I’ve become a bit spoiled in terms of government representation. Not only did Charles Tannock MEP not respond directly to my letter (please see my previous post of 16.11.2009), his PA has done nothing but limply regurgitate the Conservative party line. A disappointing response.

Dear Mr Mowshowitz

Dr Tannock is a foreign affairs specialist nevertheless takes a keen intersts in energy policy and is well aware of the peak oil arguments though as of yet the case for it to be an immediate concern is not proven and in the next few years it is posiible that large new gas finds will be made through shale, biofuels will be a significant source to replace oil use, clean coal technology will kick in along with more nuclear, and renewables (wind, tidal, wave, geothermal etc)so the amount of oil use is very unclear. The Conservatives are committed to Kyoto plus targets and are well aware of the impact of climate change on the globe and that oil is a finite resource even if the time frame for global reserves and peak production is far from clear. We will follow these mattesr very carefully and David Cameron as probable next PM of the UK is as you probably know particularly keen on the green agenda and conserving the environment.

Kind regards

Dr Silvia Janicinova


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