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Letter to Lord Hunt, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, concerning peak oil

April 26, 2010

Dear Lord Hunt of Kings Heath,

I received a stock correspondence from your department not long ago concerning the government’s position on Peak Oil. As far as your pre-WEO2009 outlook was concerned Peak Oil was not considered to be a major issue. I had received the same stock letter a number of times from your department as did others asking similar questions.

Since that correspondence I submitted two Freedom of Information requests to find out what was being done to prepare for potential fuel shortages, in particular to find out more about the NEP-F.

I learned that in essence the NEP-F is in place to deal with emergency fuel shortages in the short term and The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan is in place to deal with society’s long term transition away from fossil fuels. What concerns me about the latter is the time frame. You are no doubt aware of the United States Department of Energy’s report issued following AEO2009. I refer you to the following document:
(page 8)

The United States military’s Joint Forces Command concurs with this information. This report and a wealth of other independent research has indicated for a long time that Peak Oil is not only very real but that it has already begun. According to the EIA demand will begin to outstrip supply in 2012 and within 20 years conventional oil will have all but disappeared with nothing to replace it.

I have written many times to my MP and other officials concerning these facts and the government has continually denied their validity citing outdated information that has since been contradicted by its own sources (primarily the WEO2009). There is little available evidence to refute these realities today and I for one am not prepared to wait any longer for you to start preparing. I urge you and your department to come forward and state to the public what you know about the true state of liquid fuels and to start putting forward policies that can genuinely accommodate our transition away from oil dependency. This is beyond urgent.

Yours sincerely,
Seth Mowshowitz

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