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Letter to Glenda Jackson MP calling for an urgent review of Andrew Lansley’s plans for the NHS

April 1, 2011

Dear Glenda Jackson,

[this next bit was the standard pre-written letter]

I’m contacting you today regarding Andrew Lansley’s plans for the NHS. I am very concerned that these plans could ruin our health service.

[my additions…]

My wife has been a nurse in the NHS for over 10 years first in paediatric intensive care units and later as a paediatric research nurse. Her years of experience have taught her that the largest portion of the ongoing difficulties with running the NHS stem from the fact that each new government takes such short term views on solutions that more often than not they only get partially implemented and become another unnecessary layer of complexity. To make matters worse these layers then get undone or simply layered on top of by successive governments.

The amount of bureaucracy and middle management that has evolved is ludicrous and crippling. The front line (nurses in particular) is the crucial backbone of the NHS and they get shafted at every available opportunity to the point that nurses move abroad for a better quality of life. These are the issues that need addressing with the long term survival of the NHS at the center of concern – not governmental self preservation or payouts from private companies.

[…and the rest of the pre-written bit]

I see that The Times is reporting that Nick Clegg and David Cameron will be reviewing the plans “in the next week or two”. Please could you pass on my concerns and tell them it’s time to drop these plans and think again?

I am one of the 250,000 who have signed the 38 Degrees petition against the NHS plans. A huge range of other organisations have also warned that these plans are dangerous. Why would the government rush through such drastic untested plans, while ignoring the opinions of experts?

Thank you very much – I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,

Seth Mowshowitz

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