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Response from Glenda Jackson MP re: NHS reforms

April 11, 2011

07 April 2011

Dear Mr Mowshowitz

Thank you for contacting me regarding the NHS reforms. I could not agree more with your concerns, and wholeheartedly support the 38 degrees campaign which so many of my constituents have participated in.

I spoke in the debate on Monday, accusing Mr Lansley of stubbornly pushing his reforms forward despite repeated warnings, “The Secretary of State listed in his statement concerns to which he intends to listen, but every single one of them has been raised with him before, going back to the time of the publication of his White Paper. As he did not listen to those concerns then, why should any of us believe his positive commitment to them now?” (Hansard, 4th April Column 772).

David Cameron and Andrew Lansley have now announced that they are taking a two month break to ‘listen to the people’ when in fact they have been forced to halt their plans for reform because of the overwhelming criticism expressed by the British Medical Association and a group of Lib Dem MPs and the overwhelming lack of confidence displayed by the thousands of constituents who have been writing and emailing in continually on the issue.

I await the results of this ‘natural pause’ but remain extremely concerned. You may be assured that I will continue to make this point to the minister whenever possible.

Yours sincerely

Glenda Jackson MP

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