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Letter to Glenda Jackson MP urging her to push David Cameron to accept the advice of the Committee on Climate Change

May 10, 2011

Dear Glenda Jackson,
Please can you write to the Prime Minister and tell him he must accept the advice of the Committee on Climate Change? It would be totally unacceptable to reject his own experts’ advice. It would be a huge setback to the fight against climate change and undermine our ability to show global leadership. It would also be a spectacular broken promise.

In addition I believe it is important to emphasise that a commitment to reducing carbon emissions is also a commitment to reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.
Given the steadily escalating demand for energy and rapidly decreasing availability of cheap hydrocarbon energy (currently our primary source of energy) within the next 20 years I believe that this is essential to our long term survival both here in the UK and globally as a civilisation.

Given the timeframe of these proposed targets and the projected figures of the most recent World Energy Outlook reports it is difficult to see how our energy supplies will be managed even if we do reach the most extreme targets. It is therefore absolutely crucial that we stick as rigidly as we can to them.I understand the decision is imminent, so please write to him urgently. I would appreciate it if you could also tell me what you think personally?

Seth Mowshowitz

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