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Soul Survivors – The Return of Fold

October 15, 2021

The Voice Of Unreason

It isn’t impossible to describe how much harder being in the music industry has got since the pandemic began, but by any measure the scale of the damage to careers and livelihoods has been disastrous. With laughable streaming payments already underlining Silicon Valley’s greed well before 2020, one prominent artist told me that the subsequent ban on live performances had reduced their income by 90% – and they were one of the lucky ones.

For the less well known a monthly cheque from Spotify for a few pence hardly constituted a living wage, but for Leeds based musical collective Fold, quitting was never an option. A socially conscious band in socially incomprehensible times, for spokesperson Seth Mowshowitz their role was clear, one of being a tool in the battle against a Western neo-liberalism that threatens the existence of the planet and everyone on it. It’s a mission he admits that…

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